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Fat Loss


With the mere hundreds if not thousands of fat and weight loss programs on the market today promising fast and effective results, it becomes even more difficult to discern who is being deceitful with their nutritional and training approach, and who is being honest.  Quite frankly, one of the fastest ways to determine fact from fiction is to look at the degree of results that are promoted from any fat loss training program/system, and whether or not those results have been sustained over the long-term.  Too often people embark on a program that is based on false scientific principles from the very beginning which ultimately causes yo-yo type outcomes where someone losses a bunch of weight fast, but that person then inevitably returns to their original weight, or even higher.  Inevitably their personal belief in themselves and a real and everlasting approach is even more diminished and this cycle can repeat itself for years making it even harder to turn the corner.   So how do you stop this vicious cycle from ever starting in the first place?  The answer contains some technicalities in terms of training and nutrition, but remains simple for the most part once you master the basics.  The catch is that it's not easy at the least bit.  Just like it took awhile to acquire all of the extra mass in the form of body at, it's going to take awhile to remove it through sound training, nutrition, and supplementation strategies.  Below is a small sample size that have gone through our fat/weight loss training program successfully.  None of the results you see below happened over night and the transformations required true dedication and daily commitment to healthy eating and smart and hard training.  Everyone knows they need to train, but the question then becomes what is the best approach I can take to get dramatic results safely and effectively without taking more time than necessary?  Well ladies and gentlemen, you have come to the right place!  Below I will list some of the unique benefits our program offers those aspiring to lose fat/weight fast along with some real world evidence to help seal the deal.

Benefit #1-Increased calorie/fat loss expenditures via metabolic resistance training, high intensity interval training, steady state aerobic conditioning, and NEAT
Benefit #2-Preservation of skeletal muscle mass levels which are typically lost with many popularized training and dietary interventions
Benefit #3-Reduced risk of Injury due to systemic increases in bone, muscle, and connective tissue density and size.
Benefit #4-Loads of training variation to prevent boredom and program hopping.
Benefit #5-A fail-proof nutritional system that has been proven to deliver and removes all guesswork on exactly what foods you should eat, how much to eat, and when to eat based on your current weight and bodytype

Becca Ormsby

Becca at 290 lbs. on the left and 190 lbs. on the right a little over a year later. Incredible 100
lbs. transformation from simply following the Reno Speed School training and nutritional

Angie Christiensen

Angie dropped a remarkable 80 lbs. on our system; slimming down from 225 lbs. down to
145 lbs. Angie also has clinically confirmed hypothyroidism which makes this
transformation even more impressive!

Rene Capps- Amateur Bodybuilder and Football Player

Rene is seen showing off her single digit body fat levels! Rene followed the fat
loss nutritional plan used in the Reno Speed School.

Scott Fontecchio

Scott Fontecchio enrolled in our athletic training program and here are his results after only training for six monhts:

Box Squat=195 to 255 lbs.
Bench Press=170-225 lbs.
Vertical Jump= 19-27"

Scott had horrible patello-femoral knee pain upon arrival, chronic lower back pain, and was severely overweight. His injuries have cleared up, and he's dropped 45 healthy lbs. since starting and is still grinding it out everyday. I'll be writing why "properly" performed athletic based training is so powerful and safe for physique enhancement purposes in some future articles along with lots of research I've gathered on the subject.

The reality is that I see too many older men use their age as an excuse which ultimately prevents them from achieving some remarkable physique and performance outcomes. I understand the apprehension of past experiences and the current cultural stigma associated with heavy lifting and intense training methods with this population, but with the right scientific training/nutritional approach, you would be surprised what you can still do late into your 40s-60s. We've had too many guys come in over the years and challenge the norm. Physiologically, a guy at 50 can never achieve what he could have at 20, but he can still attain a pretty moderate to high percentage of his youth function which is a hell of a lot better than the alternative.

Jamie Jackson

Training at the Reno Speed School, Jamie not only lost an incredible 60 lbs., but she also cured herself of chronic patellar tendonitis! Proper nutrition was essential in allowing Jamie to transform her body and overall health.